Aloft Appraiser Toolkit

Complete your Adjustments and Cost Approach in minutes!

This integration enables you to export your adjustments, cost approach, and documentation from Appraiser Toolkit directly into Total. Appraiser Toolkit provides robust adjustment support backed by local market trends, cost data, image analysis, and paired sales, with instant documentation for your addendum/workfile.

Depreciated Cost

Calculate depreciated cost for your subject and comps and extract site values to complete your Sales Comparison Approach and Cost Approach simultaneously. Export your market-derived adjustments and cost breakdowns into your reports in Total.

Paired Sales

Easily find pairs to estimate value of distinct features, using our multi-view map and flexible match criteria. Build your own library of paired sales. Supported across dozens of MLS regions.

Recommended Comps

Quickly find additional comps for your report based on proximity, property features, quality, and condition. See how your comps adjust right away.

See it in action!

Whether you're appraising a tract home or highly unique property, Appraiser Toolkit helps you make faster, data-informed decisions as you build your opinion of value. View our latest features by pasting this link into your browser: