Appraiser Genie

Have you ever wished for a Genie to type your report for you and do all your calculations? Your wish has come true! Genie Cloud includes our exclusive Peer Database which reports back to you in the side by side view an average of what your peers are saying about a comp. Genie Cloud imports your MLS search, types your report, performs over 100,000 calculations for adjustment support including multiple regression analysis, matched pairs, allocation and extraction methods. The Genie also automatically completes 1004mc, automatic cost approach through Craftsman, workfile documentation, graphs, adjustment support page and more!!. Complete verification of all MLS fields through local assessor data. We offer free walk throughs to help you get up to speed wth the Genie Cloud! Our sales number is 325-455-7890 for more info.
Genie Cloud includes more features than all our competition combined! Save up to 50% of your time per report!
See our demonstration video at
With over 900 MLS' in the USA, we recommend (BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THE GENIE), you allow us to setup your export for you at no charge. This way we can test the export with the Genie and make any changes if needed to the mapping of your MLS.