Assurance Bundle: It's all in the name

Insurance without the fear

What's your biggest fear when it comes to purchasing insurance for your home, vehicles, family...? That your policy won't actually protect you when you need it most. That won't happen with us. We take your livelihood seriously, which is why we designed, in-house, a guaranteed insurance policy for your business — Titan Drive, and it's currently protecting thousands of appraisers from:

  • Losing years' worth of work to a computer crash or natural disaster
  • Losing critical database info, like QuickLists, settings, and signatures
  • Being out of commission during one of the busiest years for appraisers
  • Paying (a lot) for generic back-up and insignificant levels of protection

We've got your back with our new, powerful option for Silver members — the Assurance Bundle.

What's included?

  • Titan Drive: Appraiser mobility and protection
  • Free, expert workflow coaching session
  • Renewal of your Silver membership

This means...
  • Peace of mind that your business is 100% protected and easily accessible
  • Smaller product learning curves and workflow guidance with help from an expert
  • Ability to work and collaborate remotely with staff
  • Freedom to access, edit, and re-deliver reports via your tablet/iPad

Get it today

  • Retail value: $877
  • Your discount: $99
  • Purchase today for $778
  • We'll apply time-remaining credit for your existing services to your purchase price.

How is Assurance helping appraisers?

The remote appraiser

  • Stop wasting time tracking down reports on different apps and computers
  • Open, edit, and (re)deliver reports from anywhere, on any device
  • Quickly find recently edited or backed-up reports in your Appraisal Desktop
  • Easily access and use your QuickLists, settings, and signatures on the go
  • Filter and find files by specific fields, like Effective Date, Inspection Date, Invoice Date, etc.
  • Share and collaborate with your team, remotely

The protected appraiser

  • No more paying for partial, bite-sized storage for your files
  • No more limits – just automatic, UNLIMITED storage for a career’s worth of work
  • No worrying about losing your appraisal work in a crash – set it up and forget
  • No manually saving reports to the cloud – simply save the report and close TOTAL

The expert appraiser

  • Free, Elite-level coaching from an a la mode product expert
  • Learn in a live, virtual, step-by-step environment from the comfort of home or office
  • Plan your coaching session around your schedule
  • Use this coaching call on Titan Drive or ANY product you’d like

Have questions about the Assurance Bundle? Want to purchase by phone? Call us at (866) 562-5138. Your order is backed by our 100-day, money-back guarantee.