Assurance Bundle: It's all in the name

You have too much going on

  • Cut the tether to your office chair or a single computer
  • Stop worrying about keeping your work safe from crashes and corruption
  • End the hunt for workflow help and guidance

We've got your back with our new, powerful option for Silver members — the Assurance Bundle.

What's included?

  • Titan Drive: Appraiser mobility and protection
  • Free, expert workflow coaching session
  • Renewal of your Silver membership

This means...
  • Ability to work and collaborate remotely with staff
  • Freedom to access, edit, and re-deliver reports via your tablet/iPad
  • Peace of mind that your business is 100% protected and easily accessible
  • Smaller product learning curves and workflow guidance with help from an expert

Get it today

  • Retail value: $847
  • Your discount: $99
  • Purchase today for $748
  • We'll apply time-remaining credit for your existing services to your purchase price.

How is Assurance helping appraisers?

The remote appraiser

  • Stop wasting time tracking down reports on different apps and computers
  • Open, edit, and (re)deliver reports from anywhere, on any device
  • Quickly find recently edited or backed-up reports in your Appraisal Desktop
  • Easily access and use your QuickLists, settings, and signatures on the go
  • Filter and find files by specific fields, like Effective Date, Inspection Date, Invoice Date, etc.
  • Share and collaborate with your team, remotely

The protected appraiser

  • No more paying for partial, bite-sized storage for your files
  • No more limits – just automatic, UNLIMITED storage for a career’s worth of work
  • No worrying about losing your appraisal work in a crash – set it up and forget
  • No manually saving reports to the cloud – simply save the report and close TOTAL

The expert appraiser

  • Free, Elite-level coaching from an a la mode product expert
  • Learn in a live, virtual, step-by-step environment from the comfort of home or office
  • Plan your coaching session around your schedule
  • Use this coaching call on Titan Drive or ANY product you’d like

Have questions about the Assurance Bundle? Want to purchase by phone? Call us at (866) 253-4087. Your order is backed by our 100-day, money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose – except for immobility, worry, and time-sucking processes.