Electronic Form Fill

The Appraisal Assist Form Fill service includes:

  1. the statistics for the “One-Unit Housing/Condo” portion of the Neighborhood Section of the 1004 and 1073;
  2. the comparable offering and sold numbers for the top of the sales grid pages;
  3. for your selected comparable properties, all the information that can be extracted from your MLS is populated in the sales comparison approach grid; and,
  4. the 1004MC statistics as well as the concessions, distressed sales and summary language.
  5. You also receive a separate market conditions report that:
    1. gives you multiple-year trends and statistics that help to understand and explain your subject's market;
    2. extracts market measures and derived language covering housing supply, seller concessions, distressed sales, prices and other measures of market strengths and weaknesses; and,
    3. provides a supplemental market conditions addendum that conveys a coherent, complete description of the market.