Elite System

If you want to grow your business and do more in less time, you need Elite. It's our complete workflow and marketing bundle. With tools to land new high-fee clients, you'll stay highly profitable regardless of the market and turn time pressures.

With the Elite System, you'll save the most money — $874 over buying it all separately. Plus, you're backed by our 100-day, money-back guarantee.

Tools that help you save time and money:

  • Titan Analytics automated 1004MC and regression analysis
  • TOTAL — included with the Elite System
  • Live, 24x7 customer support (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • TOTAL Connect Pro with all delivery plugins
  • InterFlood – Integrated, full color flood maps
  • Vault cloud-based file backup, sharing, and recovery
  • Exact automatic settings backup
  • Instant and unlimited aerial maps
  • Go paperless with DirectFax
  • CertMail dedicated e-mail
  • TOTAL for Mobile integration
  • Automatic “past due” notices
  • TOTAL Sketch Pro for power user sketching and integration with third-party sketchers

Products that keep high-fee orders flowing in from non-lender clients:

  • Enterprise level XSite
  • GhostWriter SEO booster
  • XSites Desktop and Collaborator
  • XSellerate proactive marketing

Exclusive services that keep you ahead:

  • Ongoing, unlimited one-on-one Product Coaching
  • Private Elite-only support line gives you priority access to the most seasoned technicians
  • Elite-only workflow and marketing webinars