Maps, data, updates, expert help, and more. You've got TOTAL - now, make the most of it with a membership. You can rest assured your business is backed by the most experienced support team in the industry. We're professionally trained, responsive, available, and always mindful that our success depends on your success. Our support lines are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that our employees can enjoy time with their family and friends.

Elite Priority Support

Priority access to our private, 24x7 support line staffed with our most experienced technicians.

Assurance Bundle - NEW!

Includes Silver Membership, plus, Titan Drive and a product coaching session. Busy appraisers can open, view, and edit reports from anywhere; have complete confidence that your work is 100% protected from any potential scenario; and learn new ways to maximize your business and improve workflow efficiency with help from our professional coaches.

Platinum Partnership

24x7 support. If you need help at 2 AM on a Sunday, we're here.

Gold Membership

Extended support hours from 6 AM - 9 PM (CST) Monday - Friday.

Silver Membership

Support hours from 8 AM - 5 PM (CST) Monday - Friday.

All memberships include a year of:

  • Unlimited Google aerial maps
  • Unlimited flood and census data
  • Software maintenance updates
  • New forms
  • Updated forms
  • DataCourier compliant XML delivery
  • Live phone support, as well as e-mail support, with industry-trained, expert technicians based in Oklahoma City

A membership is an annual subscription that expires after 12 months from purchase.