“QuickSource is such a big timesaver. The data validation is huge. It keeps stipulations from coming back from clients, so you can spend time on a new appraisal instead of revising work you already submitted.” – Robert Hinton, Northeast Appraisal Mgt, Inc.

The most efficient way to fill out your grid and reduce revision requests

QuickSource imports data from multiple sources, allowing you to quickly compare, see discrepancies, and select what to use in your report.

Instead of jumping around between multiple websites and manually entering data (or paying someone else to do it), let QuickSource pull it in and show it to you in one, side-by-side view, with any discrepancies highlighted.

QuickSource uses data from four sources:

  • Your local comps database
  • Your MLS
  • SmartExchange (peer comps)
  • Public records

It’s highly customizable, allowing you full control over data prioritization (even per field), data formatting, and more.

To save you even more time, and keep you compliant with the USPAP record-keeping rule, QuickSource automatically puts a data fact sheet into your Workfile, containing all the source data considered. You don’t even have to think about it — QuickSource does it for you.

If you're ready to drastically reduce your turn times by eliminating repetitive, manual data entry, and eliminate potential revision requests by comparing all the best data – try QuickSource today.

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