Sketch Integration

Purchase TOTAL Sketch Pro to integrate your favorite formfilling software with your favorite sketching program*, whether that's Apex, PhoenixSketch, or RapidSketch.  TOTAL Sketch Pro is designed for power users including advanced features and integrations with third-party sketchers.

Once you've purchased TOTAL Sketch Pro, follow these simple steps to set up your sketcher:

  1. Install and register the sketcher of your choice.  Visit their TOTAL Store page for additional information.
  2. Go to the Sketch PowerView in TOTAL and select the sketcher from the dropdown.
  3. Click New Sketch to launch your favorite sketching software.
  4. When prompted, provide your a la mode login credentials.

Now, your sketching program will be fully integrated with TOTAL.

If you use TOTAL Sketch, this purchase will also unlock all Pro level features.  And if you're an Elite System owner, 2 TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses are already included with your system.

TOTAL Sketch Pro is an annual subscription. It expires 12 months from purchase.