Tired of being a form-filler? Get back to appraising and let Spark handle the form-filling.

PLUS, don't just fill out the 1004MC, analyze your market the way YOU want!

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What does it do?

  • Spark combines all of the available information from both MLS and public records for your subject property and comps (using your own preferences) and fills out as much of your report as possible (Page 1, the Grid, Prior Transfer History, etc)
  • Spark includes a full and robust trend analysis feature that fills out your 1004MC (and other related fields), lets you quickly see what the trends actually are (based on how you like to analyze market data), can load charts/tables into your report, and allows for historical analysis in addition to comparing markets/neighborhoods against each other.
  • Spark creates useful PDF documents for the subject, comp, and market conditions information. These documents go into your digital workfile so you can look back at your file to see all the property information along with the charts, tables, and data that you originally used to arrive at your conclusions (see below for details).
  • **Spark includes front photos of the properties you import (simply turn the photo setting on)! So, if you use TOTAL for Mobile, you can have the photo of the property up on your mobile device while you're driving to it!

Free Trial: Not sure if it's is right for you? Give Spark a try for free and with no obligations. We know there are other options out there and want you to be confident you're making the right choice. Get the free trial using the button on the left. Once that's complete, click on the Dashboard button in the top-right of TOTAL or WinTotal to start using Spark.

So easy to use you already know how: Spark was built with “user experience” in mind at every stage. We believe that if you have to create a lengthy instruction manual for your software, then you built it wrong. Every interaction you have with our software was designed to be easy, intuitive and fast

Spark's not just easy on the eyes but easy on the brain. Using and learning new software can be a chore and we understand that. Spark integrates with a la mode and uses modern design styles and built-in tutorials to minimize that "new software" pain and even make for an enjoyable experience.

Support: If you do find yourself unsure of how to use Spark we pride ourselves on our support. From our website, multiple videos, FAQs, plus fast and professional response to emails and phone calls, we've definitely got you covered!

*Speed, Productivity, and Value: After customizing Spark to your preferences, from start to finish you'll be able to load up to 30 comps along with your subject property into your grid, their entire prior transfer history, the 1004MC and supporting numbers (plus charts and tables if you want them), and supporting workfile documentation that goes into your digital workfile all in less than 90 seconds. With Spark there are no typos and it does this at a cost to you of between $0.75 and $3.50 per report (depending on your payment choice and how many reports you complete per month). What will you do with the extra time?

It's All On The Web: No software to install here. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your office, at home on the laptop, or on the beach (please don't work on the beach - take a break). You can use Spark anywhere. That means we can also update and improve Spark with no need for patches or downloads or computer rebooting!

Workfile PDFs: These valuable documents are added to the Workfile tab of your report. The Market Conditions Report puts all of the tables, charts, and trend information you analyzed in Spark into a PDF that you can quickly and easily reference later while finishing your report or much later when defending your report. The Property Report PDF shows all of a property's features from MLS and public records next to each other (one page per property). It flags discrepancies in red so you can quickly glance at the document and see where the two don't match. This report also includes all of the prior transfer history information, mortgage finance history information, and two location maps per property. One map is zoomed in showing the parcel boundaries and building footprint (where those features are available from Google) and the other shows more of the surrounding area along with satellite imagery. We've also highlighted all primary traffic arteries in bright yellow so, when scrolling through the PDF, you can quickly see which properties abut or are near heavy traffic.

Make Spark Your Own: In determining trends, whether you want to analyze data historically (up to 10 years) or by month, quarter, or year, or if you prefer to analyze competing properties alongside the broader neighborhood, or maybe you want to compare one market against another, or perhaps you want to compare distressed against non-distressed properties.....regardless your preference, Spark lets you do it. In placing the comps in your report, whether you want to change how Central Air is abbreviated or you want to include both the Document & Parcel # on the Verification Source line, Spark is endlessly customizable.

Use Spark alongside our adjustment analysis product TrendSheet to not only complete reports faster but support your adjustments. Together, here's what they would give you:

  • Advanced Comp Importing - Spark
  • Public Records Integration - Spark
  • Robust Trend Analysis - Spark
  • 1004MC Filled Out - Spark
  • Multiple Charts - Spark
  • Custom Property Reports - Spark
  • Multiple Adjustment Indicators (based on both MLS data and your actual sales grid) - TrendSheet
  • Comp Weighting Tool - TrendSheet

*You always need to verify the data entered into your report whether by Spark or any other piece of software...or human for that matter.

**Front views are available wherever Google Street View has coverage.