Spark Lite

*A Customizable Comp Importer that works throughout the ENTIRE U.S.

For use in MLS systems where the full version of Spark does not yet work.

Spend less time form-filling and more time appraising!

Watch a quick demo by pasting this link in your browser's address bar:

What does it do?

  • Spark Lite fills out as much of your report as it can (Page 1, the grid, prior transfer history, etc) based on public records data for your subject property and comps
  • It also adds a custom Property Report to your digital workfile (see below for details).
  • **Spark Lite includes front photos of the properties you import (simply turn the photo setting on)! So, if you use TOTAL for Mobile, you can have the photo of the property up on your device while you're driving to it!

Free Trial:Not sure if Spark Lite is for you? Give it a try for free and with no obligations. There is no setup process so once you get the free trial and start your account with us you can immediately start using it.

Property Report PDF: This report is added to the digital Workfile tab of your report. It includes a one-page summary (per property) of all of the public records data we have on that property including the entire transfer history, mortgage finance history, parking info, lot size, legal description, subdivision, fireplaces, etc. There's also an additional page per property of maps of that property. This includes one zoomed in close showing the parcel boundaries and building footprint (when available from Google) and another one showing more of the surrounding area with satellite imagery

So easy to use you already know how: Spark Lite was built with “user experience” in mind at every stage. We believe that if you have to create a lengthy instruction manual for your software, then you built it wrong. Every interaction you have with our software is easy, intuitive and fast.

Spark Lite is not just easy on the eyes but easy on the brain. Using and learning new software can be a chore and we understand that. Spark Lite integrates with your a la mode software and uses modern design styles and built-in tutorials to minimize the "new software" pain and even make for an enjoyable experience.

***Speed, Productivity, & Value After customizing Spark Lite to your preferences, from start to finish you'll be able to load your comps (up to 30) along with your subject property into your grid, their entire prior transfer history, and the custom Property Report that goes into the Workfile tab of your report, all in a few minutes or less and all for $19 per month for unlimited use. Plus with Spark Lite there's no typos! What will you do with the extra time?

It's All On The Web: No software to install here. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your office, at home on a laptop, or on the beach. You can use Spark Lite anywhere. That means we can also update and improve Spark Lite with no need for patches, downloads, or computer crashes!

Support: From our website, multiple videos, FAQ, plus fast and professional response to emails and phone calls, we've definitely got you covered!

Use Spark Lite alongside our market analysis product TrendSheet to not only complete reports even faster but TrendSheet also provides a thorough market analysis. Together, here's what they would give you:

  • Advanced Comp Importing
  • Public Records Integration
  • 1004MC Filled Out
  • Multiple Charts
  • Custom Property Reports
  • Multiple Adjustment Indicators
  • Comp Weighting Tool

*Spark Lite works anywhere CoreLogic has data in the U.S., which is over 3000 counties. Use this Lite version until we get the full version of Spark working in your area.

**Photos are obtained from Google Street View. Availability of the photos is based on Google's coverage.

***You always need to verify the data entered into your report whether by Spark Lite or any other piece of software....or human for that matter.