Titan Analytics

Sail through your reviews by effortlessly transforming your MLS data into the Market Conditions grid and visual support for your appraisals.

Titan Analytics takes the nuisance of filling out the Market Conditions grid and makes it fast and defensible – filling it out in seconds. From there, automatically add impressive charts and graphs for visual support for your appraisals. It's hands down the quickest way to provide clarity to your valuation conclusions.

Here's why it's better than other solutions:

  • Accurately fills out the 1004MC grid in seconds
    • Replaces any existing data in the grid
    • Adds the condo section of the 1004MC when applicable
    • Automatically fills out comments sections
  • Impressive charts and graphs for underwriters, reviewers, or private clients
    • Automatically placed into an Analytics Addendum in your report
    • Your research – used and unused – gets added to TOTAL's Digital Workflie
  • Works with any MLS that lets you export data (that would be all of them)
    • Just export, drag and drop, and watch our engine do its magic
    • Detailed exporting instructions to make the process quick and easy
  • Control which properties are included without editing spreadsheets
    • Automatic map and data grid make it easy to spot properties that don't fit
    • Rearrange and exclude columns to meet your needs
    • Toggle between on or off market properties

And best of all, it's flawlessly integrated with TOTAL. No more toggling back and forth or logging in to other apps. And if you have questions, rely on our legendary support team.

Dive in for just $199 per year or upgrade to the Elite System and get it included. And with no per-report fees, use it as much as you’d like! As always, your purchase is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

This license covers you for 12 months from the date of purchase.