You're busier than ever before while facing stricter demands from clients — more comps, more photos, and more scrutiny.  You're also given shorter deadlines.  You need formfilling software written for you today and tomorrow, not what you needed a decade ago.  TOTAL will boost your productivity and help you cut turn times.  It's everything you've liked about what we've always done, but better.

Feature highlights:

  • Multi-monitor support — Spread your appraisal across as many screens as you want
  • Our newest forms engine — up to 400% faster, and more precise
  • Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture — the proper way to go paperless SmartAdjust — the only adjuster that handles both numeric and non-numeric adjustments, even on UAD fields
  • All-new Comps Database — automatically finds the best comps, rentals, and listings based on your subject
  • New PowerViews: Comps Side-by-Side, Sketch, Addenda, E&O, Notes, Photos, Assignment, and Workfile
  • TOTAL Store gives you access to fully integrated apps

Choose the perfect bundle.

Elite System

If you want to grow your business and do more in less time, you need Elite.  It's our complete workflow and marketing bundle.  With tools to land new high-fee clients, you'll stay highly profitable regardless of the market and turn time pressures.

With the Elite System, you'll save the most money — over $2000 over buying it all separately.

Get the tools that help you save time and money:

  • TOTAL — included with the Elite System
  • Titan Reports — Cloud formfilling from anywhere
  • Platinum Partnership with live, 24x7 priority customer support
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 product coaching with our experts
  • TOTAL Connect Pro with delivery plugins for AMCs and lenders
  • InterFlood FEMA map scans are automatically added to reports
  • Titan Drive — Unlimited, automated cloud storage and backups
  • Exact automatic settings backup (save your QuickLists, contacts, and more to the cloud)
  • Instant and unlimited aerial maps
  • TOTAL for Mobile app integration - Go paperless on your inspections.
  • Titan Office — Your entire back-office workflow in one spot. Get paid faster!
  • Titan Analytics — Fast, defensible proof for your market analysis with customizable charts and graphs

Get exclusive products that keep high-fee orders flowing in from non-lender clients:

  • Enterprise level XSite — our top-level website with online ordering
  • GhostWriter SEO booster
  • XSites Desktop and Collaborator

Get access to Elite-only services that keep you ahead:

  • Private Elite-only support line gives you priority access to the most seasoned technicians
  • Elite-only workflow and marketing webinars

TOTAL Essentials

If you're just starting out, working part time, or need software for assistants and trainees, the Essentials Bundle is great for those who need the basics.

  • Save $948 over buying it all separately
  • TOTAL — the most trusted, most powerful formfiller yet
  • Titan Reports — Cloud formfilling on the web
  • Silver Membership with 8 AM to 5 PM (CT) M-F live customer support
  • TOTAL Sketch for fast, fully integrated sketching
  • TOTAL for Mobile app for paperless inspections, synced with your other products
  • Webinar and video access and training with our product coaches
  • Unlimited location maps, including aerial and street (no per-map or user fees!)
  • Unlimited flood and census data with scrubbed addresses, community, and panel info
  • All updates and new forms (including UAD) we release in the next year
  • UAD-compliant, secure XML delivery with DataCourier

Professional Bundle

This option is great if you work primarily with non-lender clients and handle your own website and marketing.  You'll get everything in the Essentials Bundle plus extended support hours, cloud file sharing and backup, and built-in flood maps.

  • Save $1046 over buying it all separately
  • Titan Reports — Cloud formfilling on the web
  • Titan Drive — Unlimited, automated cloud storage and backups of your files and settings
  • Exact to quickly and easily restore your files, databases, and settings after a PC crash or natural disaster
  • TOTAL for Mobile app for paperless inspections, synced with your other products
  • InterFlood nationwide official FEMA scans and data that are automatically added to your forms 
  • Extended, live customer support hours from 6 AM to 9 PM (CT) M-F with a Gold Membership