TOTAL for Mobile

No more paper mess. No more retyping, resketching, and reformatting in the office. Save time on every report by sketching and gathering data with TOTAL for Mobile in the field.  Everything syncs seamlessly with your desktop copy of TOTAL so data flows directly into your report.

Feature highlights:

  • Eliminates clipboards, messy papers, and wasted time from retyping written notes
  • Fly through data entry with custom QuickLists for nearly every field or sync them from TOTAL
  • Easily swipe and tap to draw complete, professional-looking sketches, add symbols and labels too
  • No Internet or data connection needed to collect data
  • Take as many photos as you need using your device's camera
  • All of your data, photos, maps, and sketches flow right into your report
  • Record Voice Notes on-the-fly that sync to your Spectrum Workfile
  • Works on iPad and Android™ devices
  • DISTO integration with iOS or Android devices to send measurements straight into your sketch

Best of all, TOTAL for Mobile is completely free for anyone with a current a la mode support contract. Visit to view our membership options.  Get it today in the Apple App Store or Google Play.