TOTAL Sketch

TOTAL Sketch is our powerful, built-in-house sketching software that’s loaded with desktop and mobile features.  Best of all, it’s backed by our industry-leading live phone support.  Simply pick your level:

  • TOTAL Sketch Standard is included free with your copy of TOTAL or WinTOTAL.
  • TOTAL Sketch Pro is designed for power users including advanced features and integrations with third-party sketchers.  Try it free or upgrade for just $129 (TOTAL Sketch Pro is included in Elite).

Sketching made simple:

  • Calculated areas transfer back to your report seamlessly
  • Easily draw angles, curves, and polygons
  • Draw multiple areas at once or combine walls into areas
  • Comprehensive library of customizable symbols and labels
  • Easily copy, paste, clone, undo, and redo
  • Use rooftop Bing™ aerial images and your subject photos to spot-check floor plan shapes
  • Syncs with TOTAL for Mobile — start sketches in the field then sync to add finishing touches on your desktop
  • Converts from third-party sketchers like Apex
  • Unlimited customizable area types

TOTAL Sketch Pro features:

  • Free integration with other sketching programs:  Included now — We think advanced users will prefer Sketch Pro to other sketchers like Apex and RapidSketch because of its features and low price.  But, if you're still paying extra for an outside sketcher and want to use it, the integration is included with the Pro level.
  • Trace Mode:  This is a phenomenal timesaver and accuracy booster for two-story and basement properties.  You simply "trace" over the first level to sketch subsequent levels in a few seconds.
  • Photometrics:  Draw over hand-drawn sketches, building plans, or aerial images to complete both simple and complex properties quickly with less hassle.
  • TOTAL for Mobile Pro:  Coming soon — Our mobile sketching on Apple® and Android™ devices will be improved to match the features in desktop Pro.
  • If you're an Elite member, or if you bought a TOTAL Integration License for Apex or RapidSketch, then you already own one TOTAL Sketch Pro user license. Use the Buy Now link to purchase additional licenses.

    TOTAL Sketch Pro is an annual subscription.  It expires after 12 months from purchase.