Vault with Exact

Relax. Your appraisals and settings are in the cloud.

Unlike other online storage options, Vault automatically backs up and restores all of your appraisal data, settings, QuickLists, contacts, databases, reports, and more. And, since our formfillers store your workfile digitally with the appraisal, all of your research and supporting documents are automatically backed up too. It's like an online file cabinet. But that's just the start.

Exact, included with Vault, makes it a breeze to switch to a new PC too (whether by choice or crash). And it's all backed by our 100 day money back guarantee.

Feature highlights:

  • Automatic backups of your files, databases, signatures, and software settings
  • Protect your files and settings from PC crashes and natural disasters
  • Cloud share files with remote co-workers without the hassle of e-mail
  • Instant access to files even when you're working away from the office
  • Go paperless and stay USPAP compliant
  • Instantly move files, data, and settings to new PCs

Vault is an annual subscription. It expires after 12 months from purchase.