Get high-fee, non-lender orders with XSellerate proactive marketing.  Designed for appraisers, XSellerate is packed full of professionally designed, ready-made marketing campaigns that help you snag work from attorneys, homeowners, agents, and more.

XSellerate’s e-mails, door hangers, letters, and postcards are proven effective, and campaigns are easily activated in minutes.  It’s counter-cyclical, so when one part of the market goes down, another will go up thanks to XSellerate’s constant marketing. And since it's backed by our 100 day money back guarantee, if it's not everything we say it is, get a 100% refund.

Feature highlights:

  • Create automated, ongoing "set and forget" campaigns in three simple steps
  • Huge ad library with hundreds of pre-written print and e-mail marketing pieces
  • Tap into existing WinTOTAL reports to urge current residents to get updated values
  • Dozens of non-lender ads for attorneys, REALTORS, homeowners, accountants, and more
  • Campaigns of all types — "Thanks for the business", "Haven’t heard from you in a while", PMI removal, estate division, holiday greetings, and more
  • Easily create your own custom ads, and new ads are added regularly for free
  • Create groups for different niches and XSellerate triggers ads geared toward them

Put it to work today.  Get high-fee orders tomorrow.

XSellerate is an annual subscription.  It expires after 12 months from purchase.